Expert and Compassionate
Medical and Clinical Staff

At Hope Healthcare P.C. we have a remarkable reputation of making life-changing differences for our patients and their loved ones. 


Hope Healthcare professionals are well rounded in the eating disorder community and are highly compassionate with each patient that they treat. Hope’s team includes a Nurse Practitioner with medical and psychiatric background, a registered dietitian, addiction and eating disorder therapists. This amazing group of women are extremely passionate about eating disorders and prevention and awareness. They are committed in embracing their skills and experience to treat others with eating disorders. Our approach with a holistic, whole person view and a multidisciplinary team, our patients have the skills, the support and the empowerment to live a life they never thought was possible. 

Hope Healthcare believes in education for all and know the vulnerability of their patients. The team as well is continually involved with continuing education about eating disorders and the process that our patients go through emotionally and physically. With this training in place, our patients are guaranteed to always feel safe and have a helping hand as soon as they walk through our doors. 


Individualized Care


Based on our treatment success and our testimonials, Hope Healthcare takes an individualized approach with each patient. We look at each person with a holistic approach to include an extensive history, medical and psychiatric, spiritual and obstacles to recovery. Nothing is missed or overlooked at Hope.

Each Patient will have intake assessments with Hope’s professionals. After this intake Hopes team meets and creates a person plan for that patient based on their needs. 


Complete Medical and Psychiatric Assessment


In order for treatment and lifelong recovery to be possible, a correct diagnosis is necessary. A lot of the diagnoses are underlying in an eating disorder and can be easily overlooked if not educated like our staff. Our board certified Nurse Practitioner assesses our patients in depth from the medical aspect and also from the psychiactric aspect. Hope Healthcare is efficient with treating co-occuring disorders and the multiple complications from anorexia nervosa, bulimia and other eating disorders, substance abuse, mood disorders and other psychiatric conditions. 


Spiritual guidance upon request

We at Hope incorporate Christian beliefs upon request. This is not mandatory for our patients.

Preparing for the real world

Our staff at Hope includes activities during therapy that will help our patients in the real world. Our patients have benefitted from grocery shopping trips, cooking sessions, clothes shopping and more.


Support and healing for whole family

As eating disorders are a struggle for our patient’s , they are also stressful on the families as well. We believe in the healing of families and loved ones of our patients. With the family healing as well with the patient, this provides for a long lasting recovery. 

Safe and serene setting

Hope Healthcare has a very serene calming environment. The comfortable setting and caring staff will make our patients feel safe, will feel loved, and will gain Hope for recovery.


Co-collaborting with organizations

Our Hope team is involved in collaboration with schools, families, churches and any other organizations that a patient and family is involved in. This provides more efficiency in the patients journey to recovery as all persons have a life outside of the eating disorder.