Family Support Groups & Private Sessions

Hope offers private sessions as well as an open support group to families & friends


Hope Healthcare wants you to know that you are not alone in the fight against a loved one’s eating disorder. There is a lot to learn with eating disorders and we want to equip you to the best of our ability to help you help your loved one. An eating disorder can cause fear, pain, anger and hopelessness for the family as much as it can the person seeking help. Hope is here to help!!

It is our goal to help the families of our patients understand the eating disorder better and to be equipped with proper tools in order to help your loved one during the recovery process. The following is not a requirement however we do highly recommend attending the following.


Family Support Group

Our support group is offered to families & friends on the 2nd & 4th Monday of every month at 6:30pm CST


It can be very stressful as a family member to be part of the treatment and recovery process. It is important that you connect with other families that are in similar situations.

Cost of the support group: $5 per person for family and friends of a current Hope Healthcare patient or $10 per person for family and friends of a non-Hope Healthcare patient.

Skype will be available to family and friends at the time of the support group for persons that are unable to attend in person. (Skype is not a secure technology and as family and friends you must be aware that information during a Skype session is not secure, Hope Healthcare is not responsible for any information breached during a Skype session.)


Family Sessions


Learn the basics on eating disorders - 1hr family & team session

Spend an hour with the team at Hope healthcare to learn the basics. This is free of charge to families of current patients. We also offer education to families of non-Hope Healthcare patients as well for $10 per person. This is also by appointment.

Helping or Hindering - 45min session

learn what is helpful and what is not so helpful in the treatment process. This will be a $40 one time fee and may include up to 10 people. This cost is for current patient’s families and non-current patient’s families.


Additional Family Sessions in Therapy

Additional Family sessions will be announced by Leslie when she feels the time is right for a family therapy session.



Other Resources


Keep the team’s contacts handy


Erin Sullivan RD-LMNT

Registered Dietitian & licensed medical nutrition therapist

Text or call 620-639-2651


Kim Waters APRN-FNP

Nurse Practitioner

Text or call 402-419-3553


Leslie Walker ILMHP

Independent licensed mental health provider

Text or call 402-415-8511