Why Hope Healthcare?


Hope is a unique and efficient approach to eating disorder treatment and it’s the only one of its kind in Nebraska. Co-founder, Kim Waters APRN-FNP, opened Hope Healthcare with a mission to provide effective treatment across the region due to the lack of resources in the area. Kim shares her personal experience with an eating disorder to better the lives of her patients. Kim suffered from anorexia, bulimia, alcohol, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Kim’s story of recovery and HOPE drives her motivation for caring and treating the patients at Hope. 

Kim uses her own personal experience to individualized treatment plans. She has walked the path to recovery and knows the true pain, struggle and obstacles that an eating disorder brings on. She is also very aware and compassionate with the underlying issues that co-occur with eating disorders. 

Kim’s mission is to provide Hope in the recovery process and to continue to succeed in spreading prevention and awareness to improve the outcomes of our community’s support with eating disorders.


Unique multi-disciplinary approach


Our team of professionals collaborates very closely and meets as a team frequently to assure the best outcomes of our patients. In our outpatient facility, our medical provider, dietitian and therapists are all in house and available at all times. Our team members also provide support to our patients outside of office hours if needed. We do this by offering a phone call or a text if needed as sometimes our patients just need a word of hope when they are outside in the real world. 

Our multidisciplinary approach also includes school psychologist and team members, church groups and members, sports teams and coaches and anyone else that our patients and families have close contact with.  We strongly believe and recommend that our patients have collaboration in these areas as they are a big part of their lives.


Trusted place for Hope


Our patient’s success stories have proven that our model works effectively and that long lasting recovery is possible. We are trusted and receive referrals by pediatricians in our area, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools, churches, patients and families.